Blister Pictures

A Redditor recently posted the following pictures on Reddit with this statement, “I had some warts. The doctor froze them. Then this happened. Did not expect.”


Here is one response from a viewer, “you are bleeding into your blister. When you lance this, which you must (see a Dr before you do this, but they will likely do this first, or tell you to do it if you can’t see an MD like, now), you will be in danger of septicemia. the reason is that the freezing damaged deeper tissue with larger vessels that have a harder time clotting. Whatever vessel is causing that darker color will remain open to the air–and infection. And infection in the blood is called septicemia, which can be life-threatening. So be effing careful and see a doctor. NOW. Source–this happened to me 15 years ago. It wept blood for a week. A WEEK. tl;dr: see a doctor now, this could lead to septicemia.”


Another person said, “In my professional medical opinion, you should keep taking pictures daily for another few weeks before seeing a doctor…there’s a whole bunch of karma to be had.”





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